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We need you to rep your city!!! 

Get a FREE ticket to 5 The Hard Way 2021 PLUS an Ambassador welcome package with a custom 5 THW Ambassador t-shirt when you organize 

The OFFICIAL 5 The Hard Way Party for your hometown!

  • Step 1- CLICK HERE to fill out and submit the Ambassador form

  • Step 2- Receive your 5THW group code

  • Step 3- Send your code to at least 5 people in your crew (We will also promote your Ambassador status here!)

  • Step 4- Rent a space in your city! Use a projector or tv along with a nice sound system to stream the 5 THW marathon

  • Step 5- Add some snacks and spirited beverages and ENJOY YOUR 5 THE HARD WAY PARTY!!

The 5THE virtual experience is managed by our audio and visual tech crew and perfected with strategic camera placement to give you an amazing dance experience without the travel! 

CLICK HERE to check out video from the 2020 virtual marathon!

Screenshot (347).png
Screenshot (345).png

Meet our Ambasssadors

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